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We are dedicated to the curation and creation of unique wood furniture and interiors. Supported by the talented and innovative in-house designers, we offer furniture that are both traditional and contemporary in style.




For unmatched perfection and balanced home environment

    Living rooms are multifunctional. It should be comfortable, elegant and harmonious. And for it to truly live up to its name, appropriate furnishing is essential. The collection of unique living room furniture and decor from Heritage Arts and Architecture are designed in traditional motifs and styled to be graceful and functional.

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Rethink the whole design aesthetic of your bedroom

    Your bedroom is your personal haven, a safe sanctuary far away from all the worries of the world, fill it up with unique wooden art pieces steeped in heritage and beauty. Browse through our portfolio of comfortable, unique stylish and, above all, utilitarian wooden furniture and décor to transform your bedroom interiors into a world of ethereal beauty.

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Dine and wine in style

    Vintage inspired hand crafted dining table are our specialty. The distressed accents of brown and, carved out sturdiness of the woods represents class, strength and durability. The time-worn effect of the tables gives a charming aura to your entire home. Don’t miss out on the irresistible and enticing designs carved from mature woods.

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A place for everything & Everything in its place

    Modern day storage requirements are extremely modular. Most popular and highly used storage spaces are lockers, book shelves, TV units, wall shelves, and shoe racks. Understanding this requirement of the modern man, Heritage has expanded its storage collection to include all these in wood.

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Decorate your interiors & exterior more attractive.

    There will be an epic piece which makes beautiful to the ambiance, bring such ambiance to your surroundings. It may be a vintage art or any such thing, which makes an energetic presence to the location. change your atmosphere to a classic, exotic and a memorial one.

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As Beautiful Above as Below

    We have extensively explored ceiling designs, both traditional ceilings,and contemporary. The fusion of styles adds charm to your home. Our expert designers crafting ceiling as per your taste and they will chisel out unique models, polished to satin perfection.

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